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1. You have to go to Hendrix or be a former Hendrix student.

2. Marisa and me are the Queens. Both of us are equal in power, because I have given her not only posting rights, but the ability to manage the community—so, if you piss either of us off (which I doubt will happen cause we’re all friends here.) we’re going to get together and determine your fate.

3. Don’t be a jackass. If you happen to be fighting with anyone in the community, do so in a way that won’t make you out to be a complete and utter asshole. It’s all we ask.

4. You can express negative feelings about others not in the community—but going back to the non-asshole rule, don’t start a random string of swears. Have a reason to bitch. Don’t do it to hear the lovely clacking of the keyboard.

5. No death threats to any of the administration(teachers etc.)! We might not always agree with what happens there, but don’t post how you’d like to kill one of the teachers here, because if this is found, I, or Marisa could get in trouble. If you do break this rule, not only will the post be deleted, but you’ll be banned.

6. No death threats to any of the students! For the reasons mentioned in rule 5.

7. Swear smartly. Making ‘shit’ every other word might be amusing to you, and those with an extra chromosome, but it loses appeal after a post or so and Marisa or I will have to swing the banhammer!

The whole point of this community is to be able to talk freely with things going on at school. Assignments, the shitty announcements, how much Duhon sucks for dress coding Anthony or any other INTELLIGENT issues happing….

…Also, it can be used to say things such as:

“Congratulations Speedy and Marisa for one happy year of pre-marriage. May you both continue to suck face infront of the school every morning.”

With that, if anyone takes interest—ask to join, and you, within a day (maybe less) will be let in.

<3 Kaede

If you haven't caught on yet (genius) this community is for Hendrix Junior High (or former Hendrix Junior High) students. The rules, stated above, are painfully simple, no? Follow them and we'll all be one big happy bunch.